AHRO Health and Social Care Workers Complete Training

AHRO Health and Social Care workers have recently completed a comprehensive training course in safe moving and handling, based on the NHS Scottish Passport framework for learning. This is a significant achievement, and we want to congratulate our amazing team for their dedication and commitment to professional development.

The course was designed to equip healthcare workers with the key skills and information required to safely transfer service users, reducing the risk of injury to both themselves and the recipient of their care. The training emphasised the importance of carrying out client transfer operations with dignity and comfort, ensuring the needs of the individual are met. This is particularly important in healthcare, where patients may have limited mobility and require assistance with transferring between beds, chairs, or other furniture.

In addition to the safe moving and handling training, our team also completed a Basic Life Support course, which gave them valuable first aid skills such as CPR, recovery position, bleeding, choking, and shock response. These are essential skills for any healthcare worker to have, as they could potentially save lives in an emergency situation.

We are incredibly proud of our team for investing in their professional development and improving the quality of care they provide. By completing this training, they have demonstrated a commitment to providing safe, effective, and compassionate care to all their patients.

The Care Certificate, which is the minimum training requirement for healthcare workers, covers the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to provide safe, effective, and compassionate care. By going above and beyond this requirement, our team has demonstrated their dedication to their profession and their patients.

Teamwork is a crucial aspect of healthcare, and we are proud of our team for working together to complete this training. By sharing their knowledge and skills, they can provide better care for their patients and support each other in their professional development.

In conclusion, we would like to congratulate our amazing team of AHRO Health and Social Care workers for completing this comprehensive training course in safe moving and handling and Basic Life Support. We are excited to see the positive impact they will have on people’s lives all across Scotland, and we are proud to have them as part of our team.