AHRO to join IAOCR as education partner

The Africa Health Research Organisation (AHRO) has announced its partnership with the International Accreditation and Certification Organisation for Clinical Research (IAOCR) as an education partner. This partnership will help in strengthening the capacity of African researchers and clinical professionals in conducting high-quality clinical research and promoting global best practices in healthcare.

IAOCR, is a global organisation that provides accreditation and certification to clinical research professionals and organisations. It focuses on enhancing the quality of clinical research by promoting best practices, developing training programmes, and offering professional development opportunities.

The partnership between AHRO and IAOCR will enable AHRO to access IAOCR’s training programmes, which will provide African researchers and clinical professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to conduct high-quality clinical research. The training programmes will cover various aspects of clinical research, including study design, data management, regulatory compliance, and ethical considerations.

Through this partnership, AHRO and IAOCR will also collaborate on developing training materials that are tailored to the needs of African researchers and clinical professionals. This will ensure that the training programmes are relevant to the African context and can effectively address the unique challenges faced by African researchers in conducting clinical research.