According to WHO report (2022), non-communicable diseases (NCDs) kill 41 million people each year, equivalent to 74% of all deaths globally.

One of the most important challenges in global health is how to address the epidemic of chronic, non-communicable disease (NCD). For example, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in high-income countries. In low and middle-income countries, it causes nearly twice as many deaths as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and malaria combined.

Seeing the above-mentioned statistics, AHRO University realised that investing in better management of NCDs is critical. It is in this background, AHRO University is dedicated in upgrading knowledge and skills of professionals who are competent in holistic management of NCDs which includes early detecting or screening of NCDs, prompt and correct treatment of these diseases, and providing high quality palliative care for people in need.

To achieve this, AHRO University has developed different programs (list on our website) targeting health care professionals worldwide for improving their knowledge, decision-making and critical thinking skills in relation to the general wellness, health promotion, NCDs prevention and management.


1. Masterclass in Epilepsy

2. Masterclass in Anaesthetic Pharmacology

3. Masterclass in Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy

4. Masterclass in Clinical Cardiac Deterioration

5. Masterclass in Dyspepsia

6. Masterclass in ECG Placement & Cardiac Monitoring

7. Masterclass in Heart Failure

8. Masterclass in Atrioventricular Tricular Blocks

9. Masterclass in Cystic Fibrosis

10. Masterclass in Pelvic Fractures

11. Masterclass in  Sleep Disorder

12. Masterclass Venous Thrombosis

13. Acute Anaphylaxis

14. Masterclass in Anti-coagulants and Antiplatelets

15. Masterclass in Arrhythemia Interpretation

16. Masterclass in Traumatic Cardiac Arrest  

17. Diploma in Artificial intelligence in Medical Sciences

18. Postgraduate Diploma Paediatric Radiography

19. Postgraduate Diploma Precision Medicine

20. Postgraduate Diploma Computed Tomography

21. Postgraduate Diploma Medical Imaging

22. Masterclass in Sexual and Reproductive Health

23. Masterclass in Intra Uterine Insemination

24. Masterclass in Diabetology ( 3 months)

25. Masterclass in Advanced Therapies and Care for Critically ill ( 3months)

26. Masterclass in Cardiology ( 3months)

27. Masterclass in Thyroidology  ( 3 months)

28. Postgrad Diploma in Orthodontic Therapy (3 months)

29. Masterclass in Periotontics ( 3 months)

30. Masterclass in Breast Surgery ( 3 months)

31. Clinical Skills in Emergency Surgery ( 3 months)

32. Coloproctology: Colorectal Cancer 3 months)

33. Cores Skills in Laparoscopic Surgery ( 3months)

34. Masterclass in Hernia Surgery  (3 months)

35. Orthopaedics Surgical Emergencies ( 3 months)

36. Postoperative Care Learning ( 3 months)

37. Masterclass in Proctology

38. Masterclass in Research Methodology

39. Masterclass in Urology

40. Postgrad Diploma/ MSc in  Occupational Health