Here, we at AHRO strive to keep our standards as high as possible, making it imperative to acknowledge all appeals and complaints that we receive. Below please find the multiple means of communicating any issues you have with us.

If you would prefer to communicate in writing – Please send a letter addressed to:
AHRO University
Suite 410
The Pentagon Centre
G3 8AZ

The University is committed to the provision of high-quality, fair, and transparent admissions procedures for all our applicants. There may, however, be occasions when an applicant will wish to ask why their application has been rejected or believe that they have cause for a complaint or to make an appeal against the decision. You can download our admission policy in the link below. or contact the Dean on


We understand that your grades are of paramount importance. This is why you are entitled to appeal your academic assessments if you see fit. It is important to mention that many pieces of work will give opportunities to be re-taken or remediated. If there is a problem — eg. a dispute over a result, exemption, or course progression — then the Academic Appeals Procedure can help put your case forward. To find out more, contact your program leader or the Dean on

Feedback is important because it is crucial in giving an indication of where we can improve, or even, where we impress. If you have any feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, make sure to fill out our feedback form and email it to Get Back To Us

Things can go wrong in all kinds of working environment and AHRO is no exception. We take all complaints very seriously and make sure to deal with everyone with care and sensitivity. Before coming to us, if the issue is relevant, take the opportunity of consulting your tutor or course head. If you would prefer for whatever reason to be bypass this, you can fill out the complaint form below or send us a message here