Professional doctorate is sometime known as “while-you-work doctorate” and it is an internationally recognized qualifications designed for working professionals in the private and public sectors with an active interest in work-based research. Unlike the usual PhD, professional doctorate is an opportunity to combine your professional practice and a research degree. This means you will complete your doctorate by conducting research associated to your current institute and gain the highest level of skills and knowledge while continuing your career.

Our Doctorate Programmes

  • Doctorate in Pharmacy (DPharm)
  • Doctorate in Health Sciences (DHealthSci)
  • Doctorate in Medical Imaging ( DMedImaging)
  • Doctorate in Nursing (DNursing)
  • Doctorate in Sports Medicine ( DSMed)
  • Doctorate in Social Work (DSwork)
  • Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH)

Fees: £3000 per year for 2022/2022 academic year.

Resubmission fee is £1200

Please note that fees increase by about 4% each year

How to apply

Before applying, contact the Admission Secretary about any of our professional doctorate courses. You must submit the following:

  • A personal Statement
  • An outline of the research topic
  • Proof of your degrees and grades
  • Details of 2 referees or 2 references on official headed letter, one of which should be an academic reference
  • Proof of English language proficiency in case English is not your first language
  • A recent copy of your CV

Application can be made directly from the respective course page

Contact Us

Need to talk to an expert? Contact us by email: Dhuwarah at


Assessment will be through coursework, final assessment via doctoral level, research-based thesis, and viva voce


The main requirements for Professional Doctorate is the submission and viva defence of a 80,000 to 100,000 worded thesis paper for review and evaluation by the institute’s academic committee. In some circumstance, previously published work can be counted towards professional doctorate.  Several 20 to 35 pages report based on textbooks may also be required to complete credit towards a doctorate degree.  The Professional doctorate degree thesis will be defended in front of a minimum of four members of the AHRO academic committee and one external member invited by the Office of the Inspector General.

Doctorate in Infectious Diseases by Publication

This program is meant for those who have extensive research over a significant period and have a number of publications which emanated from their work which have already been published in high quality journals.

Word Length

 The accepted word s count for Doctorate by publication should be between 90,000 and 120,000 words.  The quality of the journals within which publication was published would be assessed as part of the application process.


Submission of published work by a candidate should include critical analysis of around 20,000 words and to undertake an oral examination (viva) on the critical analysis and the published work. The institute would provide supervisory support on this.


The study is part-time and takes a maximum of 12 months


The program is suitable for an individual who has undertaken research over a long period of time (ideally 5 to 10 years), the work is already published in high-quality period of time and made significant contribution to the field and want to gain academic recognition for this work by a doctoral award. Only standard academic publication s would be accepted.

Academic Requirement

Minimum is a bachelor’s degree (2:1) or a Masters degree in relevant field such as life science, etc.

How to apply                         

To apply, send Letter of intent to the Academic secretary, stating your interest which needs to include your formal research proposal.

Specifically, you need to submit:

  • A CV and names of two referees
  • Title of the proposed PhD
  • List of published work on which the application is based
  • A statement of not more than 1000 words setting out your views of the nature and significance of the work submitted


The cost of getting a PhD by Publication is £4000 for external candidates.