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Please let AHRO Clinical Research Facility know if you're interested in taking part in clinical trials or clinical research (studies) (CRF). Please fill out this form as completely as you can as it will aid in the selection of studies for which you could be eligible. To be eligible to take part in a clinical trial or clinical research project, you must first register with us online.

In order to enrol in clinical trials or clinical research projects, you must be at least 18 years old.

Please refrain from using symbols when completing the registration (such as "&").

The University of AHRO's information management policies and our Clinical Research Facility (CRF) clinical trial study participant privacy notice will be followed when handling data supplied via this form.

Downlad AHRO data policy. Check our policy page to see how AHRO uses your Data

To register, you must be able to work in the UK.

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