About AHRO

AHRO University is the trading name of Africa Health Research Organization, a non-profit making body that promotes the advancement of global health. The organization was founded in 1999 as Africa Health Awareness Foundation but it was changed to the current name in 2008 after the founding director took part in the Durban HIV/AIDS Conference.

The organization started functioning in Ghana with the commencement of its main journal Annuals of Tropical Medicine & Public Health and the subsequent introduction of conferences. Among the Conferences organized during the early days of the organization were International HIV/AIDS Conference and the Antimalarial Agents International Conference.

In 2019 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the strategy of the organization was updated with training of health professionals becoming the central goal. The institute is engaged in research, postgraduate education, and global healthcare especially tropical diseases. The objectives of the organization is provide facilities for research, postgraduate teaching, training, investigate and treatment in global health especially tropical diseases. Currently, the organization is operating under the trading name AHRO University that governs all programs. There is an AHRO Health & Social Care Services. The institute is also in advanced stage to own the AHRO Centres of Clinical Excellence across West Africa where advance researches are made in different facet of tropical disease. Aside several journals of international repute, the organization run the Africa Lens, a monthly health-related magazine. The organization also runs the AHRO TV, a channel dedicated to health issues. 

AHRO University is the education arm of the organisation. AHRO University is a Scotland-based institute that delivers quality courses that are delivered by world-leading experts. In the initial phase, the university covers the following courses: infectious diseases, public health, nursing and midwifery, pharmacology, etc. The dynamic institute has the objective of promoting the delivery of highly competitive and innovative courses that would be targeted at health care professionals and is focused on the period of this business place. The future of the university will be based on its unprecedented commitment to our learners, faculty, and all our organizational structures as a catalyst for our success. Our commitment is enshrouded in our vision, mission, values, and core objectives.

Vision and Mission Statement


AHRO University is modelled on the principles of dynamism, research, academic excellence, and community engagement across the globe. This principle of dynamism will enable the university to become one of the leading global academic players in the healthcare professions and other related disciplines.


The university is dedicated to:

  • Building the skills of our learners through comprehensive and unique academics
  • Preparing our learners to become leaders in their various expertise
  • Creating and discovering courses that will improve global knowledge