AHRO Scientific Publishing Ltd

AHRO Scientific Publishing Ltd

Glasgow , United Kingdom

Job Title
Marketing and Sales Manager
Office time
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Job Type
Full Time
30 June, 2023

Company Description

Africa Health Research Organisation is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting health research and innovation in Africa. It supports African researchers and institutions in carrying out research on health challenges facing the continent. AHRO also aims to strengthen the capacity of African researchers to develop and implement health interventions and policies that are context-specific and evidence-based.


The institute is also in advanced stage to own the AHRO Centres of Clinical Excellence across West Africa where advance research is made in different facet of tropical disease. Aside several journals of international repute, the organization run the Africa Lens, a monthly health-related magazine. The organization also runs the AHRO TV, a channel dedicated to health issues.


AHRO University is modelled on the principles of dynamism, research, academic excellence, and community engagement across the globe. This principle of dynamism will enable the university to become one of the leading global academic players in the healthcare professions and other related disciplines.

  • Problem Solving
  • CRM
  • digital marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • A Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, marketing,
  • Ability to negotiate effectively


Directing AHRO’s sales and marketing efforts in order to achieve strategic business growth targets. 

Job Responsibilities
  • Identify, develop, or evaluate sales and marketing plans and strategies based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and cost and markup factors. 
  • Assign, supervise, and review the public relations activities such as attending and holding conferences, events, educational opportunities, and workshops. 
  • Taking ownership of and evaluating marketing campaigns, advertising, and optimisation metrics to ensure campaigns are effective. 
  • Evaluate the financial aspects, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, or return-on-investment and profit-loss projections. 
  • Develop pricing strategies, balancing firm objectives and customer satisfaction. 
  • Initiate market research studies, and analyse their findings. 
  • Implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM), increasing customer retention, as well as resolving customer complaints regarding sales and service. 
  • Designing visual content such as catalogues, brochures, posters, and banners; implementing various digital marketing initiatives and designing content for social media platforms and the organisation\\\'s website; photographing and filming projects; creating and editing videos; and editing the textual content.  
  • Maintaining relationships with important clients by making regular visits, understanding their needs, and anticipating new marketing opportunities. 
  • Develop and maintain the company\\\'s corporate image and identity, including logos and signage. 
  • Direct the hiring, training, or performance evaluations of sales and marketing staff and oversee their daily activities.

Job Requirements: 

  • Minimum six years experience in a marketing and sales role. 
  • A Bachelor\'s degree in Marketing, Business, or other related areas. 
  • A solid understanding of marketing principles, sales techniques, and public relations strategies is essential, 
  • Digital Marketing Knowledge; knowledge of social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing, content marketing, and digital advertising, 
  • Knowledge of Budget Management, 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, 
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including networking, negotiation, and relationship management, 
  • Having a creative mindset, 
  • Proficiency in using analytical tools, interpreting data, and researching skills, 
  • Industry Awareness; Staying updated on industry trends, competitor activities, 
  • Results-Driven Mindset; Goal-oriented, motivated, and able to prioritise tasks to drive business growth and generate revenue, 
  • Leadership skills and Ability to work well under pressure, 
  • Comfortable with handling various responsibilities, multitasking, and adjusting marketing and sales approaches based on evolving business needs, 
  • We are a small business, and you should be comfortable completing administrative tasks in an efficient and productive manner. 


Why join AHRO? Experience the delight of: 

  • A welcoming and amiable ambience 
  • Being a part of a diverse team 
  • Empowering your creative spirit with authority 
  • A day off for your birthday 
  • Company sick pay 
  • Flexitime 
  • Casual dress 

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