Global Health Learning Outcomes Framework is now public for wider consultation

A draft of the Learning Outcomes Framework is now ready for wider consultation and you’re invited to take part.

The Directorate of Global Health Partnerships (DGHP), established within HEE in 2017, oversees HEE’s global interests and strategic objectives. Part of this work involves supporting NHS staff and organisations to engage in and learn from global health activity. HEE aims to support NHS staff to engage in global health activity throughout their careers. A set of resources and materials is being developed which will support NHS staff and organisations to understand, evidence and fully realise the benefits of engagement in global health. The creation of a Global Health Learning Outcomes Framework is a core part of this work.

The framework will:

  • Support NHS staff to evidence the personal and professional development they gain from participation in global health activities.
  • Help NHS managers and organisations to understand the benefits to their organisation if they support their staff to engage in global health activity.
  • Allow the benchmarking of learning which takes place through engagement in global health activity and so improve consistency of the global health learning opportunities which are offered by different organisations to NHS staff.
  • Support our stakeholders to continue to build an evidence base of the benefits of engagement in global activity for NHS staff and organisations.
  • Help all NHS staff and organisations to engage more effectively in global partnerships thus ensuring that there is a mutual benefit of global working for all.

We would like to reach as many people as possible during this consultation period as the Learning Outcomes Framework has been developed for all NHS staff regardless of job role or grade. The consultation is via a short online survey, so it is accessible to all. The results of the survey will be used to further develop and refine the Learning Outcomes Framework thus ensuring it can be utilised by all staff with ease.

Please submit your completed survey as soon as possible and by 4pm Monday 20th March 2023, at the latest. 

We would additionally ask you to share this invitation with your friends, colleagues and others in your NHS and global health networks and encourage them to participate in the consultation.

The survey has 23 questions, and it may take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Your feedback will be gratefully received to move forward with this valuable piece of work.

Many thanks for your time.

Source: GHP Globalising – NHS Careers Programme Team