AHRO to Launch Three New Books.

AHRO Scientific Publishing Ltd is a holding company and publishing arm of Africa Health Research Organisation. On May 9th, 2023, the company will launch three new books under its Global Public Health Series. The first book is called “Scientific Theories of HIV/AIDS,” which provides current advances in the studies related to HIV/AIDS. The second book is titled “Coronaviruses: Current Research of Future Perspectives,” which covers the latest research findings and future perspectives on coronaviruses. The third book, “Molecular Techniques for Studying Viruses – Practical Notes,” is a practical guide that explores various molecular techniques used in the study of viruses.

These three books are part of AHRO University’s Global Public Health Series, which aims to provide current advances in the field of public health research. Specifically, the books cover topics related to HIV/AIDS, coronaviruses, and molecular techniques for studying viruses, respectively.

In addition to these books, AHRO Scientific Publishing Ltd will also release five new journals starting from April onwards. These journals are the AHRO Review of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology, the AHRO Review of Dentistry, the AHRO Review of Food Science and Nutrition, the AHRO Review of Nursing and Midwifery, and the International Conference proceedings.

These releases are significant as they mark the long-awaited return of the AHRO publishing arm. The books and journals are expected to contribute to the advancement of public health research and provide innovative solutions to the various challenges faced in the field.