Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Here at AHRO we are paying recognition to Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

So, what is Eating Disorder Awareness Week? Eating Disorder Awareness Week is an international awareness event addressing myths and misconceptions about anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and EDNOS. Eating disorders are devastating mental illnesses affecting 1 in 50 people in the UK. Recovery is possible, but we rely on our GPs to spot warning signs that may have nothing to do with a person’s weight or appearance. Their role is critical and their responsibility enormous, but the average family doctor receives less than 2 hours of eating disorder training during their medical school, which just isn’t enough! 

This means that very often people with eating disorders don’t get the help they need because doctors simply don’t have the proper training to diagnose them. Beat fights for better access to health care for people with eating disorders. They developed clear and comprehensive courses for medical students, which were taught in some schools. 

The aim is to ensure that GPs receive the right training to deal with the seriousness of these conditions and that people with eating disorders receive the best possible care. This year, Beat highlights the promotion of his educational program to help GPs refer people with eating disorders properly. But their services are still available for those who need them now. This beat EDAW is asking for your help to be smart and brave so they can make sure no one struggles with an eating disorder alone.